How do we handle your details at Pepper Socks? It's pretty straight forward: we don't do anything with them and secure them as if our lives depend on it. That's not just some vague promise.

First of all we hate unwanted e-mails ourselves so we rather don't be 'one of those companies'. It of course makes sense that whenever you order, we send you some e-mails regarding status of your order, shipping details and so on. But after that? Not a single e-mail will be send to you if you don't sign up for our (awesome) newsletter.

Long story short: you will never receive an unsolicited promotional e-mail.

But what about securing my details?

No different. When you order at Pepper Socks you can either choose to make an account or complete your order without an account.

For those who choose not to create an account we do not keep any information stored except the ones we need for legal purposes, such as name, address and the ordered amount. None of these details are accesible online.

For those who do create an account we keep the details you filled in, in a seperate database. That is needed so you can login later to order again or to consult, adjust or delete your personal information. The database we use is absolutely top notch when it comes to security. It is being manages by a third-party who specialized in securing online accounts. We make socks, they do the security. The encryptions are so complicated that even if we would want to access your details we wouldn't even know how to.

Everything possible is being done to secure the details of our clients, of whom we gained trust.

If you still have any question regarding our privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us at 


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