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About us: a matching pair

We ourselves are also a matching pair. Two young sisters with a passion for fashion and driven to combine our studies with entrepreneurship. At the beginning of September 2020, we took up this challenge and threw ourselves into this adventure. We made it our personal mission to convey the uniqueness of Pepper Socks to our clients. We also challenge each other to always create a unique combination that is both refreshing and sustainable.

Our mission statement

With our spicy and contemporary socks we focus on strengthening your identity. Peppersocks provide exactly what makes your outfit so unique. At your feet, of course!

Our colorful and energetic designs provide a unique experience when putting on your new Pepper Socks. You mix and match and you're not afraid to show off the craziest and most unique socks. You put on your socks and blow your surroundings out of theirs.

Our values: quality and durability go hand in hand

Our socks consist of 80% cotton. On the one hand this extends the life of your favorite socks considerably, on the other hand your feet get nothing less than they deserve: comfort and care!

In other words, you get socks that keep their shape for hundreds of washes. On the other hand, cotton absorbs the moisture from your feet better so they stay dry. You get a win-win situation: this is healthy for your feet and for the nose of your bubble!

Throughout the entire chain, we take into account our beloved planet. We, too, hear the cries for sustainable entrepreneurship and they don't go deaf ears. We turn our back on the current disposable society and resolutely go for sustainability. Because of the predominance of cotton (80%) in the composition of our socks, they last much longer compared to other fabrics. To guarantee that we really take the environment from A to Z into account, we also opt for recyclable packaging. On top of that, our Pepper Socks are produced in Europe, close to home.

Finally, our combi products are not just part of our range: here, too, we opt for sustainable materials such as bamboo and other reusable products.

Exclusive and tailor-made for everyone

Our socks are produced in limited editions. We do not reproduce so be quick because "OP = OP". Because of this we make sure that every sock becomes a gadget, something you want, a must have in your drawer!

Pepper Socks is tailor made for everyone. You delegate, you compose! It's up to you: each package is unique and is composed based on an infinite number of combinations.

Another advantage to having Pepper Socks: thanks to our bright colors and designs, your washing machine is no longer a Bermuda Triangle for socks. You can always find them quickly, reuniting the left one with his other half. If you couldn't find them, Mix & Match is the way to go.

We don't make a distinction between men's or women's socks, each sock is unisex. Make your own choice, Mix & Match and let your individuality go completely lose.

And always keep in mind "we spice up your feet, so you can spice up your life".


Mic drop,

Farah and Caro


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